Best Bread Papdi Chaat Recipe

Bread Papdi Chaat Recipe

If you are worried about yesterday’s leftover bread, try making this bread into papdi chaat and enjoy its deliciousness. A unique twist on the regular papdi chaat, this snack recipe is truly delicious. This chaat recipe consists of toasted bread slices and is refined with a spicy chaat mixture. Not only will you feel full, but you will also be left wanting more. When unexpected guests arrive, serve this easy recipe and watch them admire your culinary imagination. Occasions such as cat parties and game nights are perfect for enjoying this delicious treat and are a great way to get the party started. Try this easy recipe and you’ll never throw away leftover bread again.

Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe: How to make Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe at Home | Homemade Dahi Papdi Chaat Recipe - Times Food

Ingredients For Papdi Chaat Bread

12 slices of bread
6 teaspoons cumin powder
6 teaspoons chaat masala powder
3 potatoes
Severity As needed
3 tomatoes
1 1/2 cups yogurt (curd)
1/3 cup tamrind chutney and 2 teaspoons
6 teaspoons red chili powder
3 onions
Papdi as required
salt as needed

Bread Chaat - My Food Story

How To Make Papdi Chaat Bread

step 1


To prepare this snack recipe, first heat the oil in a saucepan over medium heat. Once the oil is hot enough, add the remaining bread and toast. Fry for a while until brown and crispy. When ready, remove from heat and set aside. Next, fill a pot with water over medium heat and add the potatoes and water. Bring to a boil and discard excess water when finished. Peel the potatoes and set aside.

Step 2



Chop the tomatoes, coriander, and onion on a cutting board. In a medium bowl, add chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped cilantro, and boiled potatoes. Mix well and mash the potatoes. Now add red chili powder, chaat masala powder, salt and cumin powder. Whisk the mixture to evenly coat the vegetables with the spices.

Step 3


Next, add yogurt and tamarind chutney and mix until well mixed. Take a spoonful of this chaat mixture and place it on the toasted bread. Top with crunchy sev and crushed papdi. Garnish with coriander and serve immediately.


Bread Papdi Chaat Recipe: How to Make Bread Papdi Chaat Recipe | Homemade Bread Papdi Chaat Recipe

About Papdi

Papdi (likewise alluded to as Papri) can be made sense of as little exquisite firm puris or wafers, basically made by profound searing or baking a flavored flour mixture.

The most widely recognized flavors that go in a Papdi Recipe are cumin seeds (jeera), carom seeds (ajwain) or a mix of both. It is generally used to make an assortment of chaats or can likewise be consumed as a bite, in itself.
An exemplary Papdi Recipe ordinarily has regular flour (maida) as the principal fixing in the batter. Yet, there are numerous varieties which can be ready with simply entire wheat flour (atta) or both maida and atta. My recipe has equivalent amounts of both these flours.

The recipe of a Papdi has negligible fixings generally together, and has a seriously straightforward system as well. On the off chance that you follow the method well, it will be simple for you to make a bunch of these new, fresh puris at home and relish with your precious ones. What’s more, not simply Diwali, you can appreciate it in some other celebration as well.

More on my recipe

I generally make a decent bunch of Papdi, as I could do without the smell of malodorous oil that is regular in the readymade ones. Since these are seared over and over in similar oil, they are not great for wellbeing as well.

Yet, there might be a few special cases and you may very well luck out to find decent ones accessible in the market as well.

With this Papdi Recipe, I make both broiled and prepared renditions at home. The broiled ones are most certainly better in surface as well as taste.

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