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Thai Recipes

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Thai Recipes For Mother-In-Law

I learned most of these Thai recipes from my mother-in-law, who is an expert in Thai home cooking (my wife is Thai).

Rather than using measurements or recipes written on paper, she mixes all the ingredients based on her own experience and tries everything until it’s perfect. And she’s really good at it.

When I decided to record and document some of her recipes, she estimated the amounts of everything she used in her cooking style and wrote it down so we had measurements that we could track. I was able to get it
 Taste Is Important In Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is a cuisine that emphasizes taste.Tasting is a very important step in preparing Thai food. Even on the streets of Thailand, if you order a green papaya salad, you may be asked to taste it to see if it suits your taste before spooning it into a take-out bag.

Another important part of Thai cooking is knowing how sour, sweet, spicy, and salty your food should be, and developing a sense of balance between the flavors of each Thai dish.

The ingredients listed in all of these Thai recipes are rough guidelines – these are the amounts I used in my recipes – but may vary due to local ingredients and personal preferences. Taste and strength vary (e.g. 1 lime). Thailand can be more acidic than a single lime in the United States.

That’s why we highly recommend not only following these Thai recipes, but also doing lots of taste testing until you find the perfect combination of ingredients.

Background Information About My Kitchen

Before coming to Thailand, I cooked frequently and tried recipes from all kinds of cuisines from around the world. I would often go to Asian supermarkets in the US, buy the ingredients I needed to try out Thai recipes, and eat everything I made.

Sometimes it went well, sometimes it didn’t…If you eat the Thai food you cooked in college, your reaction will probably be, “Is that really Thai food?!”

However, I learned a lot and my desire to travel to Thailand with a focus on food grew even more.

When I moved to Thailand in early 2009, I couldn’t believe my eyes (and my stomach) at how delicious food was everywhere I looked.

Dwight and I often went on extreme Thai street food missions, eating one khao mu daeng or pak lapao after another, slurping boat noodles, or munching on moo ping skewers.

I lived in a one-room apartment for years and rarely had the opportunity to cook. Luckily Bangkok’s street food and best restaurants stopped me.

Life has moved on and in 2013 I married my beautiful wife Yin.

Both Ying and her mother are experienced Thai chefs. We are from Krabi in southern Thailand, so we mainly eat southern Thai food at home. But my mother-in-law has all the recipes for Thai food in her head. Getting married means living in a house, owning a house means owning a kitchen, and owning a kitchen means home-cooked meals.

To be honest, I’m spoiled and come home with amazing homemade Thai food almost every day.

But I also love cooking. I have a kitchen, so with the help of Ying and her mother, I am able to cook some popular Thai street food and write down the recipes for everyone to enjoy.

We hope you can enjoy the authentic, bold and exciting taste of Thai street food at home with these recipes.

Cooking Thai Food

You can find an archive of all Thai recipes on the topic “Eating Thai food” above, but below I have listed some of my personal favorites to eat and make. We have created a list of our favorite Thai dishes. Many of these are typical Thai dishes using common Thai ingredients, many of which are eaten every day in Thailand (and are incredibly delicious).

Thai fried rice with shrimp

Another popular Thai street food is fried rice. This is usually made with shrimp, some small vegetables, and of course rice. One of the best things about Thai fried rice is prik naan pla, a Thai chilli fish sauce that goes well with any plate.

minced pork omelet

Known in Thai as “Kai Joo Moo Sub” (minced pork omelette), this is one of the most common and delicious Thai street food dishes. It is one of the dishes that is often ordered along with the full Thai stir-fry and is everyone’s favorite. I love it. Whisk the eggs with a fork, add the ground pork and a little soy sauce, and stir-fry in a wok with plenty of oil. Thai omelets are so delicious that you can even recreate them. Let’s easily make classic Thai street food at home

Thai green papaya salad recipe

Green papaya salad, better known as somtam, is a staple of Isan cuisine. Chop the green papaya, mix it with some other vegetables, and toss it with lime juice, palm sugar, and fish sauce. It is often eaten with sticky rice.

Thai red curry paste recipe

The Thai red curry paste recipe is made with a blend of dried red chili peppers, lemongrass, kaffir lime, galangal, and a variety of other fragrant ingredients. Thai red curry can be used in a variety of Thai dishes, such as Gai Pap Lik Gaen (chicken fried with red curry paste)

Khao Kua Recipe

One of the important ingredients in Isan (northeast) Thai cuisine is khao he kua, which is baked sticky rice flour. Dry roast sticky rice until golden brown and fragrant, then grind into a coarse powder. This is very easy to prepare and is very tasty with some Isan dishes such as larb and namtok.


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